Non-Woven Bed Cover Roll Massage Table Paper 50 Sheet Roll (Sheet Size 180 * 80 Cm) Disposable

Suitable for Massage, Spa, Tattoo and Exam Tables

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  • Roll Design: Easy to place and save space. Provide the comfortable softness with no wash convenience.
  • Hygienic, Clean and Safe: Disposable headrest paper sheet bed cover, hygienic, clean and safe. Take care of your health and avoid cross-infection. Does not stick to the face and has no peculiar smell. Round hole towel. In line with the design of silicone lying pillows.
  • Easy to Use: With breakpoints, no scissors, can be truncated easily. Soft without creases. Comfortable and breathable. Skin-friendly, non-sticky. Waterproof, anti-oil and high absorption function.
  • Wide Application: Applicable places and crowds: Leisure and entertainment venues, beauty, massage, clinics, clubs, etc.
  • Premium Material: High-quality high-density non-woven fabric. No additives, clean, tasteless and non-irritating. Good air permeability. The ventilation hole is small and clear. The sheet is soft and comfortable.
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